Shagreen Furniture

Vietnam Furniture Fair 2019

Vietnam Furniture & Accessories Fair March 2019 March is fast approaching and that means VIFA 2019  this month kicks off the Asian shows and a new season of products to be viewed and potentially bought. The mass migration of buyers from all across the world will descend on Asia, taking in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam …

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Faux Shagreen Suppliers

Faux Shagreen Sideboard Designs Producing and designing our Faux shagreen furniture in Vietnam we are able to utilize quality craftsmen who have trained and practised in the art of Shagreen furniture making over many years, using a polyester base for our faux shagreen and utilizing a stingray skin for our moulds, we are able to manufacture our faux shagreen skins over …

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Shagreen Mirrors and Custom Made Mirrors

Shagreen Mirrors We produce a wide selection of materials for wall mirrors and floor mirrors. Our Shagreen mirrors are still the most popular choice which when combined with other materials for their trim such as polished or brushed stainless steel and Oak, Walnut plus other woods for making a stunning mirror for any room. Colour …

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What is Shagreen Made Of?

Shagreen Contents are Made of Shagreen is actually the skin of a Stingray which is cured, dyed and finished with a patina much like leather is. Most of our valued customers who purchase our handmade Shagreen furniture often ask us “What is Shagreen Made Of?” In the past Shagreen was originally used for decoration and practicality, …

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