We Make Our Custom Furniture The Old Way

All our custom furniture is bench built and made by one person from start to finish, our cabinet makers have a minimum of 7 years experience and are very skilled in cabinet making. Our custom furniture building is a good outlet for those either wishing to attain quotes for your projects of even commission a one-off piece for your private residence, you can see our other our post here on custom furniture.

Commissioning Custom Furniture

has many advantages due to the wide varieties of skilled workmanship in many areas of cabinet making and finishing, skills that have long left western shores and have been exported here to Vietnam. In fact, you will find a large community of western cabinet makers and finishers as they teach, supervise and manage the old skills to the new Vietnam workforce.

Over the last 3-5 years, Vietnam has been a major benefactor of business moving their production from China to Vietnam and not just in the Furniture segment in high tech also, you can see this article discussing this fact, https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/Trade-war/China-scrambles-to-stem-manufacturing-exodus-as-50-companies-leave

Our custom furniture process is as follows. You can submit your idea and space you are looking to fill for the custom furniture if you need design or in-house furniture designer will accommodate this. Renderings can be produced for you to sign off on, these will are life-like images, once the renderings are complete we produce the workshop drawings for the carpenters to follow. Finishes will be produced on small boards that sent to you for approval by courier.


Custom Furniture Process

We will keep you update to on the progress of your furniture, we communicate through email and skype also some clients like to see the actual process and we can accommodate face time calls to show how your custom furniture is progressing.

Fell free to contact us today to enquire about commissioning your furniture https://arininternational.com/contact/






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