Custom Furniture Designs

Reclaimed Pine Custom Furniture

Straight off the production line reclaimed pine furniture pieces for a small hotel project in the USA. There are two types of custom furniture for this project, Parquet Pine and Solid Plank Pine both for a rustic interior setting. The Plank furniture is finished using wire brush technique and the Parquet Pine is finished with a multi-step finish for an antique look.

Custom Built Furniture

Custom built furniture using solid wood must take into account the environment it will be situated, the wood must be seasoned and dried correctly to ensure maximum moisture control, once this achieved, the construction must be such that the wood is allowed to move as the remaining moisture in the finished furniture will naturally balance it’s self to the relative humidity of the room, in other words, if the rooms RH is 10% and the furniture is delivered at 12% the furniture will release moisture until it matches the 10% of the room, this causes slight shrinking in the wood, therefore the construction is important to allow for this kind of movement and reduce any type of cracking.

Hotel & Project Furniture

Arin International caters to hotel furniture requirements and other projects that require customization of furniture utilizing our extensive materials and finishes, examples can be seen in some of our other posts on our blog section. Further information can be found on our custom made furniture page or if you would like to view latest catalogues simply Contact Us and we’ll send you all the details.

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