Custom Hand Made Furniture

Custom Furniture Made in Vietnam

Custom furniture in Vietnam opens up an interesting and wide skill set of labour that exists here today, thanks in large part to European companies migrating from their European bases starting mainly in the 1990’s and accelerating in the 2000’s. Initially, European companies moved to the Philipines in and around the 1980’s bringing their skilled workers and management with them to set up plants and train a new set of workers in European furniture making techniques.

Philippines to Vietnam

In the Philippines, a number of these companies left for Vietnam bringing their newly skilled Philippine workforce with them, therefore today there exist a large number of highly skilled Philippino workers in Vietnam, supervising and passing their skills on to the new Vietnamese craftsman.

Craftsmen and Materials

In Vietnam today there exists many skilled workers and workshops that specialize in many types of furniture techniques that require specific training, know-how and lend themselves very well to custom furniture, skills like Antique Glass, Eglomize Glass, Wax casting, Ironwork, Sliver and gold leafing, French Polishing, Woodcarving, Marquetry and Shagreen. You can see some of our Shagreen Furniture here: Shagreen Furniture Putting this in context, a wide variety of old world skills exist here in Vietnam which gives designers and project coordinators access to create many different furniture concepts utilizing and applying a wide assortment of materials and techniques. You may be an interior designer looking for 1 piece of custom hand-carved furniture or you maybe you are looking to furnish a hotel whatever quality custom made furniture you may be looking. you can contact us to discuss your requirements. Contact Us for further information and visit our Custom Made Furniture page for further information

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