Custom Made Furniture Built By Hand Finished By Hand

Custom Made Cabinet

This Lous XVI inspired Cabinet is made from solid Beech and Beech veneers. The Finish design is taken from a court jester costume with the distinct black and white pattern associated with a jester uniform. The painting takes many layers and is applied by hand with the patina being applied in the final stages.

Custom Made Cabinet Hardware

The hardware is custom made which requires a very particular kind of skill and casting techniques. The hardware must first be designed, from this design a wax mould is carved which is then used for the molten brass. As the images show the final product is not only very beautiful, but also very unique creating a conversation piece in any type of home design from contemporary to classic.

Custom Made Furniture

Our custom furniture services can incorporate many different styles of furniture from contemporary to classic with intricate details requiring skilled craftspersons customizing using valuable materials such as gold leafing, solid brass, high-grade stainless steel, and Egolmise glass to name but a few. Here you can see more examples of our Custom Made Shagreen Furniture or in Custom Made Furniture page. Simply feel free to Contact us with any request for Custom Furniture, hotel projects and retail stores.

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