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How to Find the Right Vietnam Furniture Suppliers

Whenever people talk about the biggest industries in Vietnam, they would mention a lot of things except for the wood and furniture industry. It’s easy to forget how big wood and Vietname furniture supplier industry is. In 2018 alone, the whole wood and furniture industry in Vietnam amounted to over $8.55 billion. This made Vietnam the fifth-largest wood producing country in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. Most of the wooden products produced in Vietnam are exported to other countries with the USA claiming over 37% of all these exports according to the Vietnam Briefing.


So if you are looking for a furniture supplier then Vietnam is definitely a good place to start. They have the raw materials and their skilled workers in the furniture industry are considered some of the best in the world.


Sadly, picking the right Vietnam furniture supplier is not as easy as picking a name from a box. There are over 4,500 enterprises that operate in the wood and furniture industry in Vietnam. While these groups can be great in their own right, you need to find a supplier who can not only provide you with what you need but also be able to provide consistent quality and efficiency.

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Why Is It Important To Pick A Good Vietnam Furniture Supplier?

It’s easy to just assume that any supplier who is willing to talk to you about supplying your furniture needs are good and trustworthy. While this can be true in a perfect world, the reality is that you might have to go through tens or hundreds of suppliers before you can find a team that is perfect for you.


As a business, it is only right to look for a supplier who can match your needs. You have a reputation to keep to your customers and as such, you need a partner who understands that. If your supplier is just churning out furniture for the sake of production then you might meet your monthly quota but you’ll have unhappy customers.


Not only that, working with a bad supplier can spell trouble for your business. Missed orders, unreliable pricing, and non-compliance to local laws can result in a slew of headaches for you and your business. If you want to avoid all of these, it is best to spend time looking for a good furniture supplier in Vietnam instead of just picking out the first one that approaches you.

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Tips on How To Find the Right Vietnam Furniture Supplier

In order to help you out and give you a leg up from the competition, we compiled a couple of tips you can follow when looking for a furniture supplier in Vietnam. These tips were gathered both from experience and from asking a couple of people in the furniture industry. Let’s try to talk about each one by one.


Prioritize the specialists

If you’re a business that wants to sell furniture from a specific type of wood like Oak then you should prioritize looking for a supplier who specializes in that specific type of product or wood. The reason is pretty straightforward if they specialize in one type of wood or furniture, they already have the expertise to be able to provide you with high-quality products at a consistent rate. Just don’t expect to get the same pricing as generalists from those who do specialized work who often put a premium on their finished products.


Don’t skimp on quality control

Quality should be your number one priority when you are working with a Furniture supplier from Vietnam. After all, what arrives on your customer’s doorsteps is a direct reflection of your business. So you must be sure that every piece of furniture that gets shipped is of high quality. That is why it makes sense to get a supplier who has their own quality control processor does not mind getting a third-party quality control officer. While this does not mean quality problems will be eliminated 100%, it gets most of the more obvious problems out. The last thing you need is a 30-minute call with your supplier trying to ask why the last batch of tables that arrived have manufacturing defects.


Do your own factory inspections.

An ocular inspection is something a lot of businesses really forget when they are looking for the best furniture suppliers in Vietnam. While skipping it can be understood if you are in a hurry to fulfill an order but it should still be a necessary part of the process of finding a supplier. By doing a factory inspection, you can see whether they have the technology, manpower, and expertise to supply you with your orders. It’s also good to know the exact location of the production facility for future reference in case you get a 3rd-party to do some QA work. All in all, what you should be looking for is a professionally looking manufacturing facility that will more or less result in professionally made products.


Consider working through a trading company

If you can’t physically be in Vietnam to look for a furniture supplier, your next best option is to choose a trading company. This allows you to do business with furniture suppliers in Vietnam with just a few staff members locally doing the majority of the work. A trading company usually has years of experience supplying furniture to various international clients so they will know the ins and outs of the trade. They also have an extensive network of suppliers that already come vouched for expertise and quality. Working with a trading company is almost always the best option for buyers who are looking to get their feet wet in furniture trading in Vietnam and find it hard to commit their presence in the country.


Don’t start without a contract

Last but definitely not least, don’t start any work without a contract in place. It’s just sound business practice. A contract should include the basic buyer-supplier clauses that provide both parties protection. Be wary of suppliers who are not too keen on signing contracts as that’s a red flag.

While it is true that finding the right furniture supplier in Vietnam can be challenging, it can be one of the most rewarding things that can happen to you and your business. With the right supplier, you are assured of quality products that you can sell to your customers. Some problems might still arise as you go along but most of the simpler ones are eliminated right out.

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