Live Edge Reclaimed Custom Hardwood Slabs

Live Edge Reclaimed Custom Hardwood Slabs

Tropical wood logs are harvested from freshwater lakes in Central America, all the slabs are also FSC certified. The freshwater submersion over many decades makes the wood very stable due to a lack of oxygen, the submersion also gives the wood further caricaturists from grain to colour variances due to vegetation and lack of minerals. No project is too small, we can custom make for the slabs for boardroom tables, hotel statement pieces or a dining table for your home The types of wood held in stock and available to be made custom with iron or wood bases are as follows:
  • Tigerwood (Suitable for outdoors)
  • White Mahogany
  • Amargo
  • Zapatero(Suitable for outdoors)
  • Dragon, this has the highest value and is much sort after material
For further information for live slabs and customization of this material simply contact us

Custom Made Live Edge Reclaimed Slab Tables For Any Project Size

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