Manufacturing Upholstered Beds In Vietnam

In this video we go over the process of creating upholstered beds in Vietnam from the pre-production sample (PPS) stage. In the PPS phase all the processes for mass production are created. As the sample beds are produced each step is reviewed to ensure the end product comes out consistently on quality and the varying degrees of upholstery are assigned to the varying level of skill required in the production chain. The same goes for the cutting and sewing area were certain sewing skills are required in order to meet required product quality.

Quality Control Overview:

The quality control aspect must be documented and created in the PPS process and is usually adjusted when production starts. Quality control staff must be in each area of the process being a presence on the factory floor in each department and have a good working relationship with the factory managers and workers performing the tasks. Quality control staff must work in partnership with the factory managers and their workers being a positive influence, helping to reduce the need for double work in the form of repairs as the product moves along the production line. Our upholstered beds are of high quality that is achieved consistently due to the solid understanding of the the product quality that is required and agreed on between all parties in the PPS stage, were the steps for production are created to achieve the agreed quality with the goal of a defect free product. This kind of quality requires correct planning with factory management, floor managers and workers. The rewards are happy customers, happy producers and the building of our own reputation in producing quality products.

Our Upholstered Beds:

We offer a small sampling of our upholstered beds on our product page here: Products. Our product page is only a brief example for our complete product catalogue which you can gain access to be contacting us through our Contact Us

Custom Made and Customers Own Material:

Fabric used in our upholstered beds are a variety of linens, polyesters and cottons with Chenilles, Velvets and brushed finishes. Mostly customers are sending their own fabrics to us which we import on their behalf. As with our case-goods we also offer custom made products in the our uphoulstery categories and project work. for more information on this you can view our Custom Made Furniture As ever for further information you can contact us here: Contact Us

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