Picking The Right Upholstered Bed Supplier From Vietnam

Picking The Right Upholstered Bed Supplier From Vietnam

If you are looking for the right upholstered bed supplier from Vietnam for some time now, you might be at your wit’s end right at this moment.  Don’t worry though, it’s not an easy task, and there are many hurdles you have to go through to find the right supplier.  
But is it worth it?  Shouldn’t you just go and call the first person that appears on your search? You can do that, or you can spend the next five or so minutes reading our guide on finding the right bed supplier from Vietnam. 
Picking The Right Upholstered Bed Supplier From Vietnam

Why Get A Good Upholstered Bed Supplier From Vietnam?

If you have been doing business for some time, you will know how important getting a good supplier is. Getting a good supplier can be quite a challenge, and some companies go through several candidates before they find the perfect fit.
But always remember that all the effort and time will be worth it in the end. Getting a trusted upholstered bed supplier in Vietnam means you can offer cost-effective and quality products to your customers.  If you want your customers to be happy with the products you offer, it all starts with getting the right supplier.
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Tips on Picking the Right Upholstered Bed Supplier from Vietnam

Before we start, let me preface this by saying that this is not the “ultimate list,” and your experience can vary.  These tips were collected from various companies that have found their partner suppliers in Vietnam. 
A few of the ones mentioned here might not apply to you or your situation, but all of them can help you find the perfect bed supplier for your needs.

Find Out if They Are Business-Ready

One of the most common mistakes that business owners make is that they decide to work with suppliers who cannot provide them with the products promptly.  Note that there is no standard because different businesses need a certain number of pieces within a period of time. 
That said, you should also be sensitive to the factors that affect production.  If you need an upholstered bed that contains many bells and whistles, that means it will take a significant amount of time to finish compared to regular upholstered beds.
To ensure you are both on the same wavelength, ask the supplier to give you a production timeline for each type of upholstered bed they produce.  This should consider possible bulk orders (100 at a time), so you can see if they can fit your business timeline.  Simply put, you need to find a good supplier who can give you what you need for your business consistently and on time.

Check Available Styles

There are a lot of different styles of upholstered beds.  While it’s not realistic to expect a supplier to make all of them, you should find one that can at least make the ones you are going to sell.  Depending on your business, you might be offering a variety of styles, and your supplier should be able to take a look at your catalog and say, “Yeah, we can make all of those.”
It’s also good if your supplier can provide you with other styles and looks that fit your aesthetic.  For example, if your business focuses on delivering rustic-looking upholstered beds, they should have designs they can pitch to add to your catalog.  For starters, looking for a supplier that specializes in traditional and contemporary styling is a good start as they can cover most if not all popular designs available in the market.

Find Out What Materials They Use

Another tip in finding the right upholstered bed supplier from Vietnam is checking the materials they use to make the beds.  Not all furniture makers in Vietnam use the same materials in their beds.  Some use cheaper materials to produce affordable products, but they usually end up being substandard.  The best suppliers use only the best materials within a set budget to not unnecessarily bloat the price of the final product.  When a supplier finds the perfect balance between price and quality, that’s when you know they are good.

Look for a supplier who specializes in using solid pine and plywood in their frames. Both these components are cost-effective and sturdy materials that can produce quality upholstered beds.  Most good furniture makers only work on wood with a moisture content below 12%  not just “dry.” Check this link for details of good internal structures for upholstered beds.

For upholstered beds, you should also check on the type of foam they use.  Most of the best makers use high-density foam whiled adding polyester padding to give it that extra softness. These things might sound very trivial, but they will affect the overall quality of the final product.



Your supplier can use the best materials out there, but they would still produce substandard beds if they are not good at what they do. Different factors can gauge workmanship.  If you are in Vietnam, giving their manufacturing area a visit is an excellent way to see how they work.  Don’t just focus on the quality of the final product but also the overall vibe of the manufacturing floor. Are the workers happy while working?  Do you sense a healthy working environment? Note that you need the products to be of consistent quality, and to do that, you need to have the same workers doing the same thing for every product.
To check the quality of the finished product, you can go and check their showrooms to check their gluing, doweling, and stapling work. It should be consistent and be of top quality.   Minor imperfections will get magnified when you start selling your products, especially if you have a very picky market. You need a supplier who has top-tier workers who can deliver the same quality of items every time.  Lastly, it would be best if you worked with a supplier who has multi-step quality control, so the bed they send over is not missing a leg or have un-glued parts.  After all, you wouldn’t want your customers to give you a call just to say they can see the upholstered bed falling apart.

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Picking The Right Upholstered Bed Supplier From Vietnam

Final thoughts on finding your right upholstered beds supplier will be to make a list of your buying needs and what is important to you, of course quality is always paramount as is price, but the price must match quantities ordered and lower prices mean higher volumes with considerations to materials used and time to manufacturer, while higher prices should match materials used again and lower quantities can be accommodated with style mixing in the containers.
You can also find another post on the upholstered beds Arin International offers, here  

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