Reclaimed Pine Furniture Made in Vietnam

What is Reclaimed Pine?

Reclaimed Pine is timber that has been salvaged from a prior use from a variety of areas may be from buildings or old furniture and even pallets.

Where do you get your reclaimed Pine?

Our reclaimed materials come from pallets, the pallets are broken down cleaned of nails and kiln-dried to ensure no cracking or splitting in the future.

What is Parquet?

Parquet is a geometric mosaic of many types of wood patterns from herringbone to Versailles. Versailles is named after the palace outside of Paris, were in the 15th century the marble floors were replaced with Oak comprising of a new overlapping criss-cross pattern that became knows as Versailles, this is the same pattern we use on our Byron living room products, you can see more of our Parquet products here:  Parquet pine dining and coffee tables As always please do feel free to Contact us with any request and for our Custom Furniture or hotel projects services.

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