Shagreen Mirrors and Custom Made Mirrors

Shagreen Mirrors

We produce a wide selection of materials for wall mirrors and floor mirrors. Our Shagreen mirrors are still the most popular choice which when combined with other materials for their trim such as polished or brushed stainless steel and Oak, Walnut plus other woods for making a stunning mirror for any room.

Colour choices

The Shagreen colours we mainly produce are Cream and Grey although if Pantone colour pallet numbers are supplied to us we can create the Shagreen colour of your choice also the shagreen material can be applied in various shapes such as triangles or circles but for the most part, we use square shapes.

Mirror Types

Mostly our mirrors are plain mirrored glass although antique glass is also available as is eglomise mirrored glass which is the process of applying silver of gold leaf to the back of the glass to give a foggy antique effect

Mirror Frame options

Along with the Shagreen frames, there are many other materials we can use as can be seen in the images of this post is a Faux bone mirrored frame, this replicates the horn of a buffalo with the use of a resin material, also in the images is a Raffia framed mirror. There is also class framed mirrors using hand carving or a less expensive than hand carving yet imitation of hand carver is resin mirror frames that are produced using wax molds, also the are Iron frames using many types of iron texture like hand hammered and various finish types. Our mirror options come in many varieties, designs and finished please Contact Us for further information. You may also be interested in our custom mirrors and eglomise wall tiles if this is the case please visit our Custom furniture page here Custom Made Furniture

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