Custom Shagreen furniture for a Hong Kong Project

Straight from the factory floor in Vietnam some of our Shagreen pieces for a project in Hong Kong. The items include a bar cabinet with a stainless steel frame and smoked glass shelves and desk also with stainless steel together with dressers and bedside tables.

All the items pictured are entering the final quality control area where our staff will follow a checklist of steps that must be passed before the next step can be taken in the quality control process, each product must pass all steps that are assigned to the individual products, once passed the QC stamp or sticker is applied and the product moves on to the packing stage.

If you are interested in Shagreen furniture you can see more examples here Shagreen Furniture or if the project side is of interest you can review our custom furniture here Custom Furniture

Simply feel free to contact us with any request for hotel projects and retail stores and view our Custom Made Furniture page

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