Shagreen Jewelry Boxes and Accessories Made in Vietnam

Jewellery boxes, mirrors, picture frames, coasters, magazine holders and trays. Shagreen requires skilled craftspeople to prepare and apply this robust and versatile yet very aesthetic material skillfully and with care.

The Shagreen we use is Faux Shagreen, as the original skin of stingray was used on dagger handles due to the grip the material is able to provide, yet with modern materials and techniques, we can now create a faux shagreen for in a wide variety of furniture and accessories providing and very beautiful and interesting finishes and patterns.

The faux shagreen is created by taking a real stingray skin and using this as a mould for a resin mixture that matches the original Shagreen in texture and finishes exactly.

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For more information on our Shagreen pieces and finishes simply contact us.

Shagreen Jewelry Boxes

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