Shagreen Jewellery Boxes

We make a wide range of shagreen furniture and custom furniture that is commisioned by interior designers or individuals although we also make smaller shagreen accessories items like coasters, picture frames and Jewellery boxes, which you can see more of at Shagreen Accessories  and Shagreen Mirrors

Shagreen makes a nice material for accessories items due to the unique texture, colours and use of complimenting materials that can be used like Brass, Faux Bone and Eglomise glass to name just a few. There are more of our accessories here

Durability of Shagreen

Shagreen is a very durable material therefor the use of shagreen in high traffic areas like a coffee table or coasters is a viable choice, these areas are not only where the more decorative pieces of furniture are on show they are also frequently used, the ability to keep them look good over long periods of time is important, you can what our shagreen is made from and why it is easy to take care of in this link What is Shagreen Made From?

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