Upholstered Beds Made in Vietnam

As humans, we all crave comfort in sleep. It’s the one opportunity to switch off from the pressures of our digital world, as we process more information than ever before. Sleep gives us the chance to reset and go again. So, custom made upholstered beds are a popular option around the world. However, how did we sleep before the modern bed, with soft mattresses and pillows, was born?

History of the Bed

To review the history of the bed, we need to travel back 25 million years, before humans even existed. Ancient apes, our ancestors, began to use branches and leaves to ensure a better night’s sleep. It wasn’t until the Neolithic period, or the final stone age 12,000 years ago, did the modern concept of the mattress came into being. During this period, humans began to raise their beds above the ground to avoid dirt and pests. In doing so, they used wood and leaves to create a soft layer and covered with animal skin for added comfort.   The next significant milestone is a somewhat surprising one. Waterbeds today are seen as a novelty, but 3,000 years ago, the Persians used to fill goat skins with water. The purpose of these beds is not known, with some arguing its medical purposes, while others suggest it was used as an ultimate luxury by the elites. To get to the modern concept of beds, we need to fast forward to 16th century Europe, where the monarchies indulged in feather mattresses. It was also during this era that the iconic 4-poster bed began to take its form. Beds are no longer seen as a luxury in the Western world, and indeed, they are regarded as a necessity. While the Royal 4-poster design remains out of reach and impractical for many, there are several different models in use today.

Types of Beds

There are several different designs which commonly seen in the mass market world. We identify four top examples:


This is the most straightforward design, as the name suggests – it’s simply a raised platform where you can rest the mattress on. Generally coming with a headboard but no footboard, the platform frame is usually made out of wood and sits closer to the ground than most other types.


The sleigh model is a slight variation on the platform design. The most obvious difference is in the headboard, where it takes the distinctive arc shape. The position of the mattress also tends to be slightly higher, with a similarly shaped footboard.


As mentioned before, there’s little sense in having a full-on royal style 4 poster bed in modern homes. They are too big, chunky and high-maintenance. However, a miniature version of the 4-poster is widely available, adding a touch of style and personality to the bedroom.


Many of us have fond memories of bunk-beds from childhood, or even from the days of budget traveling and staying in dorms around the world. The bunk-bed is a design classic, and highly effective in its use of space. The frames can be made of metal but for a more homely feel, timber is the way to go.

Why Custom-Made Beds

The advantage of custom-made beds is you can add your twist and look beyond the mass-produced models. For example, you can add side tables attached to the bed so you can quickly put down that cup of coffee in the morning. At Arin International, we have a team of designers who can help you realize your vision, by taking your criteria and turning it into reality. There are a number of factors to consider: Dimensions: The dimensions of the design needs to take into account the size and shape of the room the bed will go into. Our designers can work with any room, and deliver a product that fits it perfectly – whether the walls are straight or curved. Style: Whether you are a fan of contemporary design or more of a traditionalist, our team can work with you to match your style. For interior designers, having designers being able to understand your requirements is essential for any project. Material: Arin International has access to a unique range of materials, including all kinds of wood to the more unusual, such as shagreen. Budget: The team have experience in delivering projects of varying budgets, and ensuring there’s no sacrifice to the underlying, long-lasting quality to the final product. To make the most of working with the team, it’s suggested you should do some research beforehand to have a good idea of expectations and requirements. The clearer the picture is in your head, the easier it is for our team to turn that vision into reality. As always simply contact us for further information.

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