What is Shagreen Made Of?

Shagreen Contents are Made of

Shagreen is actually the skin of a Stingray which is cured, dyed and finished with a patina much like leather is. Most of our valued customers who purchase our handmade Shagreen furniture often ask us “What is Shagreen Made Of?”

In the past Shagreen was originally used for decoration and practicality, because of the inherent rough or ribbed characteristics of the stingray skin it provided useful grip making stingray hides useful for the handles of swords and daggers, much like leather the hides could be finished and coloured with beautiful effect so to can Stingray skin.

The use of an actual Stingrays skin on furniture is not practical from not only an ecological point of view but also a material coverage aspect, furniture is quite large and a stingray skin is quite small, therefore furniture makers use other base materials with the Stingray skin embossed upon them for example Stingray embossed leather is used quite often.

The material we use here at Arin International is a polyester resin and the process is as follows: a real Stingray skin is used as a mould that can be used multiple times, the liquid resin is poured into the mould and left to cure overnight, once cured the resin is soft and malleable making it act much like leather, once the resin is pulled from the mould it is applied to the furniture piece were the colouring and patina finishing process begins.

Why is Shagreen Used for Making Furniture?

Furniture is a fashion-driven much like fashion with designers looking to use a variety of innovative materials that create an aesthetic appeal with robust and durable qualities, Shagreen meets these qualities and with the ability to create Faux Shagreen the possibilities to create beautiful furniture is boundless. Since we have a great range of designs and experience creating masterpieces of custom made Shagreen furniture designed specifically for your taste and wants, Contact Us for your new catalogue.

What is Faux Shagreen?

Faux means imitation therefore Faux Shagreen is an imitation of the real Stingray skin and can take many forms as described above from leather embossed with a stingray skin pattern to printed fabric or to the method we use which is using a real Stingray skin as a mould and pouring a polyester resin to recreate the stingray skin ready for applying to our furniture designs.

What does Shagreen furniture look like?

To view some of our Faux Shagreen Furniture simply visit this link here Shagreen Furniture. You may be interested in our custom Shagreen furniture, simply visit our Custom furniture page here Custom Made Furniture

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