6 Advantages of Custom Made Furniture

Advantages of Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is a cornerstone of the interior design world. Its ability to meet specific dimensions and requirements gives it a significant advantage over store-bought furniture. The design and manufacturing is a two-way process between supplier (like Arin International) and client. When it works, the final product should prove to be the perfect fit for the project.

Within this collaborative approach, there’s a whole host of advantages in using custom-made furniture:

1. Unique Style

One of the most significant plus points for interior designers or individual customers is that custom furniture can fit into their unique style. This can be applied in many different ways. For example, a company wants to ensure the interior design fits in with their brand, and customizing furniture can help them achieve their goal. In a different respect, an individual seeking their dream living room can curate that chair perfectly fitting into the corner.

The same principle applies if you are looking to furnish a room, office, or home fully. It can be challenging to source different furniture that complement each other. You can get around this problem by building multiple pieces. In essence, creating your own furniture from scratch is the golden opportunity to share your unique style.

2. Practicality

While it may be quicker to buy ready-made furniture, in the long run, it could prove to be an impractical approach. Often, clients are looking for specific functions such as an additional storage unit, or a certain shape to fit into a gap.

With custom furniture, these specific requirements can easily be met. Whether you are looking for enhanced storage, set dimensions, or a particular material, at Arin International, we strive to make your furniture as functional as possible.

3. Quality

Working directly with furniture makers gives clients the added layer of assurance that the products will be built to last. One of the primary issues with mass-production furniture is its tendency to be made with lower-grade materials and finishes, which means the end product has a limited life-span. Investing the money and time into this collaborative approach pays back in terms of high-quality and longevity.

Even with premium brands, custom furniture compares favorably in cost and quality. The difference between the two is that you will be able to make your own adjustments that fit your needs.

4. Visualize

With reputable makers such as Arin International, you can visualize designs before they are built. We have a team of specialist designers who can come up with a 3D graphic of proposed furniture before the final go ahead. This brings two fundamental benefits.

Firstly, you can easily make tweaks to the final design upon visualization and achieve the desired outcome. Secondly, by making those changes on a 3D model, it can save you significant costs and headache in the long run. It’s essential in a bespoke project to get the design right, and with technology, we can ensure we get it right first time.

5. Custom Hardware

The other aspect of design is the focus on detail. Parts of furniture such as door handles and feet can often be overlooked but are crucial to the overall finish. The benefit of working with custom furniture companies is they have the experience, expertise, and resources to supply bespoke designs.

As the video above demonstrates, the team at Arin International have a set process for creating brass handles. There’s an evident focus on quality with considerable resources dedicated to the finishing touches. We also work with other accessible materials like steel, nickel, gold (plating and leafing), and iron.

Additionally, we use the latest 3D scanning technology to replicate old handles that are not made anymore accurately. With custom furniture, you have the opportunity to add your own personal twist.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit of this collaborative approach is that you will be able to see whether the furniture maker being environmentally friendly. The transparency of the process ensures you will be able to track the source of the materials and monitor any wastage. You will also be reassured that your furniture would meet all the local laws and regulations.

Working With Arin International

At Arin International, we work with clients all over the world, delivering high-quality custom furniture. Typically, the process starts with the client setting out their requirements and a period of consultation with our expert

makers follows. The key areas for consideration are overall design, size, storage, and materials.

Our team can work with you at all stages of a project, but it’s always a good idea to do a bit of research yourself to get an understanding of what you’re looking for. We can provide advice on the type of materials you could use, including specialized ones like shagreen, faux bone, and eglomise glass.

With the core team in Vietnam, reflecting a trend of techniques moving from Europe to Asia, Arin International can put together high-quality, custom-made furniture quickly and efficiently. Once the initial design is agreed and the order is made, we strive to deliver the finished products within 120 days.

However, there are factors you need to consider. The lead time can vary depending on the complexity of the design. For example: if your furniture requires gold leaf, eglomise glass, shagreen or high-end veneers like walnut veneers with marquetry patterns, then this lead-time can increase by 30-45 days. There are also times of the year that are less busy than others for furniture making, such as April through to August, which can lead to quicker processing times.

Custom-Made Furniture – A Sustainable Solution

All things considered, there’s little doubt custom furniture is an affordable and sustainable solution for interior designers, individuals, and businesses. Mass produced furniture has its place in the market, and there are plenty of high quality options available.

However, if you are looking for bespoke alternatives that requires minimal wastage and will last, then working with reputable furniture makers is the way forward.

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