Custom Made Furniture

Custom Furniture Made in Vietnam

Variety of materials and skillful craftspeople that are available here in Vietnam to create high-quality custom furniture pieces are great, offering you wide range of possibilities.

Workshops Specializing in Custom Furniture

One other point that is interesting about Vietnam is although there are a lot of large furniture factories, there are even more small workshops, and these small workshops specialize in many high-quality furnishing techniques, which include cabinetry, metal and Ironwork, founderies, finishing, resin work and others. These small workshops and their highly skilled workforce produce excellent quality work which when combined with our furniture designers, technical staff and logistics, we can utilize these workshops for their specialized work to create outstanding results for our valued customers.

Bespoke Furniture

Maybe your project requires a simple cabinet that is cost driven but has an elaborate hardware to give the cabinet a visual expression of higher design, we would procure the cabinet at a larger factory, and the hardware at one of our custom founderies. A project may require one boardroom table from Cherry Veneer or a Bookcase from Oak, this would be procured through a smaller cabinetry workshop where our technical staff work together with the cabinet workshop to ensure drawings are following the project requirements.

Custom Furniture Designer

More than likely you will have your own designs, however, when you need a solution designed for your specific project we can accommodate that by handing your project over to our furniture designer. After details are supplied for the project, the designer will present designs and solutions for you to review and collaborate on. Simply contact us for more information and for any customization you may have in mind

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