Recycled pine TV unit with 3 drawers Made in Vietnam

Five Benefits of Reclaimed Hand Built Pine Furniture

The Environment:

    •  Reclaimed Pine furniture is made from recycled pine wood which is taken from pallets and old buildings.
    • The wood is stripped down with nails removed and wood cleaned and sanded ready to be constructed into new furniture
  1. Solid Wood Furniture & Health:

    • Solid is the healthiest material you can put in your home, most furniture is made from MDF or Plywood but these materials are composites which can give off formaldehyde or other off gases, even though there are E0 E1 MDF standards these give off less formaldehyde fumes but for a more healthy home, solid wood is still the healthiest material you can put in your home.
  2.  Solid Wood and Furniture Quality:

    • Building furniture with solid wood creates a longer-lasting piece of furniture than products built with MDF or Plywood
    • Plywood is quite close to solid wood as it is made from solid wood layers which are stronger than MDF fibres.
    • Solid wood furniture will last years due to Solid furniture holds screws and joints really well and requires fewer reinforced frames. Actually makes solid wood furniture must lighter than MDF or plywood as you need fewer reinforcements with solid wood furniture.
  3. Natural Characteristics:

    • Reclaimed Pine solid wood furniture brings a lot of character out in the furniture as the grains, knots, and markers from the woods previous life vary so much making for the ability to perform rich in depth finishing and tones in the recycled Pine which brings out very beautifully made and finished furniture.
  4.  Hand-Built Furniture:

    • When working with reclaimed woods everything must be done by hand from taking apart,
    • Preparing for construction to cutting screws, joining and final assembly to finishing. Solid wood furniture is built the old way, by hand.

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