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Marble Furniture: A complete Guide

Marble Furniture – A Complete Guide

The marble furniture is a luxurious and elegant type of home furnishings that has been around for centuries.  The hard mineral can be shaped into different forms with some skills and talent. It is a good investment as it lasts for a very long time and can be passed down from one generation to another. It is no wonder that people are willing to spend a lot of money on this type of furniture.

Marble furniture does not necessarily have to be white. It also comes in different colors such as pink, yellow, gray, black, and green. The stone’s beauty and durability have made it a popular choice with homeowners and interior designers alike.

As a mineral, is perfect for various arts and crafts projects as it allows the artisan to showcase his artistic side. With some creativity, even an ordinary coffee table can be turned into a work of art that will catch attention. Marble indeed is the go-to material for people who want to give their living or working space some glamour.

As there are so many different types of marble furniture available, it can be hard to understand what’s the best fit for your home and lifestyle, not to mention natural and faux marble available in the market. Picking one that will suit your needs will be pretty challenging.

We hope that by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll feel confident in your ability to make an informed decision about choosing marble as a material for your next purchase. But before we get started with all things marbles let’s take a closer look at these gorgeous stones themselves!   Let’s find out a bit of the history behind it.

Real Marble Furniture

Marble is a type of limestone quarried from the earth. It is very durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear. Marble is harvested in slabs and then transported to workshops to be transformed. As the name suggests, real marble furniture is made from natural marble.

Natural marble is a costly material. That’s why most people prefer using faux marbles instead. Faux marble can mimic the look and feel of natural marble without sacrificing durability and strength.

Marble, as a material, is very durable and workable, meaning artisans can use a variety of tools to shape it into different forms. It is the material of choice for people who want their furniture to shout elegance and style. It is also perfect for people who have a busy lifestyle as it needs close to zero maintenance, and cleaning it is easy.

Real Marble Furniture – Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of real marble furniture:


  • Marble is a tough and robust material that will last you for many years to come.
  • It comes in different colors, styles, and sizes – which means you’ll be able to find one that matches the look.
  • It can transform a living space by bringing a touch of class and sophistication.
  • Maintaining and cleaning marble furniture is easy – you only need to use a damp cloth.


  • Marble furniture is relatively more expensive than other furniture.
  • Vintage marble pieces can be damaged from exposure to sunlight, so they need to be carefully stored.
  • Marble furniture can be heavy, making it challenging to move around the house.
  • Marble is tough but not indestructible. It can chip, crack or break if not properly maintained.
  • If you’re not careful, it can easily be stained by coffee and other dark liquids.

What is White Marble

White marble furniture is a type of furniture made from white marble. One can say that it is the most popular type of marble. Ask anybody what comes up in their heads when the term marble furniture is mentioned, and white marble furniture is what comes up. White marble shares the same properties as all marble in that it is durable and beautiful.

Maintaining white marble furniture may be challenging, but it’s not that difficult with know-how maintenance. Due to its workability, there are many different varieties of white marble furniture available. Wiping away or cleaning white marble furniture is as simple as using a damp cloth and mild soap.

White marble has been the material of choice for artisans throughout history due to its beauty and strength. When used with other materials such as steel and glass, it can transform into something more magical. As such, marble furniture usually becomes part of somebody’s antique collection.

If you are looking for furniture that can give a room an instant makeover, white marble furniture is your best option. White marble furniture is expensive due to the material used to make it, plus the fact that it takes an absolute master to turn it from the slab into furniture. However, the amount you spend on it will all be worth it as it can stand the test of time.

Faux Marble

Faux marble furniture is a type of furniture made from materials that look like marble. Commercial faux marble furniture is usually made with fiberglass, but some luxury faux marble pieces are made with natural marble stones. The layered structure of fiberglass allows it to mimic the look and texture of natural marble, but without the disadvantages such as high cost and weight associated with natural marble.

Faux marble furniture is a time and cost-effective alternative for people who want to create a luxury home at an affordable price. Faux marble furniture is easy to clean, so it’s ideal if you have children or pets running around the house. You can simply wipe it down using a damp cloth and mild soap.

It doesn’t chip easily, although it can be damaged if the furniture is dropped. Marble-lookalike materials are also stronger than real marble, so you can use them for areas of your home that receive more wear and tear, such as the dining table or kitchen countertops.

Faux marble furniture is popular with people who live in apartments where there isn’t much space to accommodate large pieces of furniture. Faux marble furniture is usually lighter than authentic marble pieces, making it easy to handle and transport around the house. It is also less costly than real marble furniture, so you can purchase various items to give your home an elegant and luxurious look without breaking the bank.

If you want to make your living space look more classy and stylish without spending too much on decorative items or furniture, faux marble furniture can be a good alternative.

Custom Marble

Custom marble furniture is furniture explicitly made to the customer’s requirements. The customer provides the designer with a sketch or drawing of what they want, and the designer creates a piece of furniture made from marble.

There are many different types of marble, so the customer can choose a variety of marble that they like and that will suit their needs. The customer can also select the color of the marble, the shape of the furniture, and the design that is carved into it.

Custom marble furniture is a very unique and special type of furniture. It is perfect for people who want something that nobody else has. It is also ideal for people with a particular design, color, and material requirements.

The custom marble furniture is costly due to the time and skill needed to create the piece. The designer has to work with various tools, chisels, and other instruments to carve the design on the marble. This requires special training as well as a high level of technical skill.

If you buy custom-made marble furniture, make sure you put it in a place where it will not get damaged easily. Custom marble furniture can be very fragile, especially if made from soft marble, such as soapstone. It also needs to be handled carefully because the marble can chip easily.

The designer will need to know exactly what type of property the furniture will be placed in. A marble furniture piece may look elegant and stylish, but it can transform a living space into a cold and unwelcome environment if not appropriately designed. Designers have to take factors such as lighting, temperature, humidity levels, size of the rooms, etc., into consideration when designing custom marble furniture for clients.

Custom Marble Furniture Made in Vietnam

There are many reasons why Vietnam is a famous manufacturing center for the furniture industry. It has a highly skilled workforce, so it’s easy to find craftspeople who can carve designs into marble. The labor cost in Vietnam is meager, so that you can purchase custom marble furniture at much lower prices than those found in other countries such as the United States and China.

The geographical location of Vietnam is also very favorable. It has easy access to China, Japan, Europe, and other parts of southeast Asia. This means that it can ship custom marble furniture worldwide with ease.

If you are looking for a company that can make custom marble furniture from Vietnam, you should start with companies that have been in the business for a long time. Due to their experience, you can rest assured that they have everything needed to produce quality custom marble furniture.

Many companies make custom marble furniture, but very few can produce unique and beautiful pieces. If you want to buy custom marble furniture made in Vietnam, you should first contact Arin International.

For years, Arin International has been in the custom furniture business and is a trusted name for custom furniture production in Vietnam. They have a talented roster of artisans that can turn your dream custom marble furniture into a reality. The people behind Arin International pride themselves in the fact that they only deliver quality products that pass the stringent criteria of their customers.

Marble Furniture Products

There are a variety of marble furniture products available in the market. Some of these include:

  1. Marble tables – These are tables made entirely out of marble. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be very elegant and stylish.
  2. Marble chairs – Marble chairs are also trendy in the market. They come in various shapes and styles and can be used for indoor and outdoor settings.
  3. Marble fireplaces – Marble fireplaces are a great way to add elegance and style to your home. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes.
  4. Marble countertops – Marble countertops are a great way to add some luxury to your kitchen or bathroom.
  5. Marble accessories – Marble accessories include items like vases, pedestals, bowls, etc. They are perfect for adding some luxury to your home without much fuss.
  6. Marble statues – are typically larger-than-life statues that can be placed in outdoor settings or gardens.

Of these items, the most common and popular ones are marble dining and coffee tables. Let’s talk about each one.

Marble Dining Tables

A marble dining table is a table for eating made entirely of marble. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can be very elegant and stylish. There are many reasons why marble dining tables are widespread, including that they can last for a long time if properly taken care of.

A marble dining table will look good in any setting, whether outdoors or indoors. It can also be combined with other types of furniture such as chairs and cabinets to create an entire dining set. The possibilities are endless with a marble dining table.

A marble dining table gives you the flexibility to choose what type of design or color will go on it. You can pick a specific plan, have your design carved into it, or even have numerous colors put on top of each other for added flair.

Just imagine having a marble table you can use just to eat – that’s something only nobles could do in the past.  Now anyone can afford such luxury.

Arin International can help you create the marble dining table of your dreams. Their team has delivered hundreds of marble dining tables to clients worldwide. They are made in Vietnam, are more affordable than marble dining tables made elsewhere, but the quality is comparable, if not better. They know the importance of quality and ensure that all their marble dining tables meet or exceed your expectations.

Marble Coffee Tables

A marble coffee table is a specific dining table popular among people who want luxury in their homes. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can be very elegant and stylish. It is common to find marble coffee tables in living rooms or family rooms.

As far as marble furniture goes, the marble coffee table remains one of the most popular options. There are many reasons why people choose them over other types of tables, mainly because they look more elegant and last longer. Owners of wooden coffee tables can attest to how easily they stain and get damaged after daily use compared to marble coffee tables. Marble coffee tables are also popular as they are one of the cheaper types of marble furniture one can add to their home.

A marble coffee table is an excellent purchase for any home. Coffee tables are versatile pieces of furniture that serve multiple purposes, including storing items, providing extra space to eat or work, or serving as decorative accent pieces in the room.

Of course, not all marble coffee tables are perfect, and not all of them will offer you the value you deserve. Arin International has been in the business for years now, so they know what it takes to deliver quality without compromising style or design.

Arin International is one of the leading marble furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam. Marble coffee tables and dining tables made by them are widely sought after for their elegance and durability. You can be guaranteed quality materials and excellent craftsmanship with any purchase from them.

Black and White Marble Furniture

The marble furniture is a type of furniture made from black and white marble. A design archetype where marble pieces of different colors, in this case, black and white, are used in one part of the furniture for design purposes. Although it is trendy right now, few people can afford such luxury.

The counter-contrast between black and white makes the furniture extra elegant and sophisticated without being too flashy.  It is a great way to create an eye-catching theme in the room. On top of that, marble furniture pieces made from black and white marble can last long since such types of marble are known for their durability.

Frequently Asked Questions – Marble Furniture

Now that we understand what marble furniture is, what the most popular ones are, and why it is trendy, let’s discuss some of the more popular questions regarding marble furniture.

How to Clean Marble Furniture Tops

Cleaning marble furniture tops can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you get the job done:

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface of the marble furniture top. Be sure not to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners, as they may damage the surface of the marble.
  • If there is any stubborn dirt or grime on the surface of the marble, you can use a gentle cleanser or soap solution to clean it off. Again, be sure to avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners.
  • Always dry the surface after cleaning it, as wet surfaces can be susceptible to staining.
  • If you want to clean, use a clean cloth dipped in some warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid.
  • If there are any scuff marks or scratches use automotive wax to buff them out.
  • If you are ever in doubt about the type of cleaner or solution, then consult a professional instead.

How to Clean Antique Marble Top Furniture

Antique marble top furniture can be a beautiful addition but requires special care to keep it looking its best. Cleaning antique marble top furniture uses the same processes as cleaning a regular marble top. Your cleaning agent should be strong enough to handle antique marble tops. Use a gentler cleaning agent so they won’t damage the surface.

Where to Buy Marble Dining Table

Arin International is one of the leading marble furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam. We specialize in producing customized marble dining tables for various clients worldwide. The people behind Arin International understand that many people are looking to add a bit of elegance and flair into their homes but don’t have deep pockets. As such, they provide quality marble furniture at relatively affordable prices. Click here and contact us!

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