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Raffia Furniture Made in Vietnam

Raffia Furniture

Raffia is proving popular in the furniture industry over the last few years, the natural materials, being the leafs of palm trees used to make Raffia is one of its attractions, together with the porous nature of the leafs that make the ability to make a variety of vibrant colours. The colours with pastel shades make for a subtle and fresh looking interior.  You can find further details of Raffia raw materials in this link 

While not exactly new, raffia is starting to take center stage with influencers praising it and various DIY-ers preferring it over the more popular options such as rattan.

Let’s explore some more of Raffias attributes But what is raffia, Where can you find raffia suppliers and factories? What to look out for , what are  the pros and cons of Raffia Furniture? We will try to answer each of those questions and more in this article.

shows raffia furniture in Vietnam factory
Raffia Nighstands in Midnight Blue

What is Raffia?

Raffia is a raw material made from the leaf fibers of the palm tree. It is used to create various products such as baskets, mats, bags, and more. It is also used as a material for different kinds of crafts and of course, Raffia wrapped furniture.

The raffia palm is a species of palm that is native to Madagascar. It is also found in other parts of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific islands. There are more than 200 species of raffia palm. Raffia palms can grow up to 30 meters tall and are characterized by their fan-shaped leaves. The leaves have been known to reach up to 2 meters in length.

Collectors trek to the interior of the island to collect on raffia palms. The freshly cut pale green strand is stripped and dried in the sun. To produce natural-colored raffia, the dried raffia fibers can change color to beige.

Raffia strands are then transferred to warehouses, sorted, and divided into colors, textures, length, and width of fibers.

Different fiber qualities are then carried to a different location, where they will be woven together into raffia hanks, balls, braids, or spools. This is also the step where the raffia gets dried, so they get their final colors.

The raffia harvesting, drying, and packing is done manually by local people with great care for the environment. Limiting the raffia palm harvest from June to October each year also aids in the preservation of the raffia palms by allowing the raffia palm branches to grow before being harvested again.

shows raffia furniture in Vietnam factory
Raffia Nightstands in Natural Sand


What is Raffia Used For?

Raffia fiber is soft, pliable, strong, long-lasting, and biodegradable, making it ideal for basket weaving, headwear, mat, and furniture.

It’s also commonly used in farming to attach vegetables, trees in vineyards, flowers, and floral arrangements.

The raffia fiber is also popular among DIY-ers since it can be used to create hair, ribbons, Hawaiian skirts (hula skirts), table cloths, and other items.

You may have also discovered that raffia is quite popular in the packaging sector and can be utilized as a filler. Raffia is frequently used to decorate items such as oils, jams, vinegar, wines, soaps, candles, and boxes by tying a little bow around them.


Where Can You Find Raffia Furniture Suppliers?

Raffia furniture suppliers can be found in most Asian countries as the application of Raffia is labor intensive, requiring time and skill to inlay the material correctly.

So well you prefer a country which you already work with, you need a supplier that understands this material and experience with it overwise you can come a across quality issues that might not be appearing for many months, which at this point could be too late to rectify the issues and prove very costly. 

shows details of raffia furniture in Vietnam factory
Raffia Nightstand in Midnight Blue

How To Pick The Right Raffia Furniture Manufacturers


When looking for raffia furniture suppliers, you must source your material from a reputable source. This way, you can be sure that the raffia furniture you will receive is of good quality. There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a supplier, such as:

  1. Shipping and delivery times – Reliable suppliers should be able to ship orders promptly. Raffia furniture takes time to make and requires a lot of skilled workers, you will need to accept long lead times due to this fact.
  2. Product quality – As mentioned earlier, it is essential that you pay close attention to this, good quality furniture is not easy to produce, it takes planning, execution, care, and time.  
  3. Customer service – A good supplier should have top-notch customer service. They should be able to address your concerns and answer your questions in a timely manner. They should be able to answer how they produce their Raffia furniture and if they follow sustainable practices.
  4. Pricing – When it comes to pricing, Raffia is not low end furniture, ensure your market can handle the prices that Raffia is sold for, as it is on the higher end of the furniture levels.

Raffia Furniture Manufacturers

If you’re looking to buy raffia furniture, there are several manufacturers that of course you research online., From specif countries and suppliers, you may already know, how we produce our furniture in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its rich furniture-making history and craftsmanship. The country has been producing high-quality furniture for a long time and has now become the second largest exporter in the world of Furniture.

.When it comes to raffia furniture, Vietnam is one of the leading manufacturers. This is because the country has a wide source of skilled labour that can undertake this kind of work.

Vietnamese raffia furniture manufacturers have also been able to combine traditional furniture-making techniques with modern designs, which has resulted in some truly unique pieces.

If you’re looking for a reputable raffia furniture manufacturer, you can start your search with Arin International. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Arin International is a well-known furniture supplier that uses various materials, including reclaimed pine, antique glass, shagreen, and raffia.

Arin International is known for producing top-quality raffia furniture from Vietnam. One of their unique services includes design services wherein customers can provide briefs and technical drawings detailing the kind of furniture they need or want, and the expert artisans of Arin International make it into reality. 


Are you interested in raffia furniture? Contact Us  today and ask about their raffia furniture designs.

shows Raffia Sideboards in Vietnam factory
Raffia Sideboards

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