Picking The Right Upholstered Bed Supplier From Vietnam

Upholstered Beds Made in Vietnam

Picking The Right Upholstered Bed Supplier From Vietnam

Upholstered Beds Made in Vietnam. Arin International is producing good quality upholstered beds in a range of fabrics, designs, and sizes. In this blog post, we shall provide more details and information on the beds produced.


Platform Upholstered Beds:

Platform beds are essentially low footboard beds, additionally most of our bed styles do come with low footboards, however you can request any of our beds to be made with a low footboard. Platform bed designs can also be submitted  for our review to produce.

Traditional Style Upholstered beds:

Sleigh-style beds, also known as Chesterfields or Scrolled designs, additionally these bed styles also have deep buttons which requires skill and time to make. Deep butting requires skill and experience to ensure, the following, correct distance between each button, consistent pleats on the scrolled wings, are also important for producing the quality required. The chesterfield bed are among the most difficult bed to make and will usually be the most expensive.

Modern Upholstered Beds:

Modern or contemporary beds, are a sleek and simple design with straight or angular lines. We have around 4-6 designs in this category of design. 

 Customer’s Own Designs:

Clients are welcome to provide their own bed designs which we are happy to accommodate and provide details and pricing upon request.

Arin International can produce clients designs to clients specifications, this service we also provide through our CAD drawers and 3D renders.

Materials and Construction:

  • Plywood and Pine are used in the construction of the bed frames
  • The construction of our bed frames are, screwed, glued, and stapled
  • The foam used is of high-density quality
  • Fabrics used are varied, some of the fabrics include as follows

Customer’s Own Material:

Customers’ own material (COM) options are options. Clients often send their materials to us or we import the fabric directly from the clients chosen supplier.

Clients’ fabrics can come from any country. Europe or other Asian countries is popular choices of fabrics or leathers. We dea with all importation and provide details of the costs involved to give a final price for the beds we produce for clients.

Workmanship and Quality Of Our Upholstered Beds:


All our frames are checked by our QC department before being handed over to the upholstery section. Once the upholstery receives the frame to work, the check over the frame one more time before upholstery begins.

Tailoring of Upholstery:

Above all the tailoring of upholstery is very important to us, additionally the quality of the upholstered bed depends on the quality of the person making the bed, being the upholsterer.

Experienced upholsterers, are used in the production of all our beds, in order to get the quality we needed.

Packing of Upholstered Beds:

Good quality beds is nothing if it is packed poorly, with low quality materials and little care, is benifical to anyone. We ensure our beds are packed with a thin foam wrap over each of the headboards, footboards, side rails, and slats. Once wrapped in the foam each piece is placed in a 5-ply carton box which has a 250lb burst strength.

In Conclusion:

Arin international upholstered beds are made with care, detail, and attention.

Quality is not comprised in anyway ever, our focus is for each bed to have no quality issues, being fit for sale in the country they were exported to.

In order for our readers to have a better understanding of the quality produced at Arin International, you can view our production video here: 

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