Faux Shagreen Suppliers

Faux Shagreen Sideboard Designs

Producing and designing our Faux shagreen furniture in Vietnam we are able to utilize quality craftsmen who have trained and practised in the art of Shagreen furniture making over many years, using a polyester base for our faux shagreen and utilizing a stingray skin for our moulds, we are able to manufacture our faux shagreen skins over and over again thereby by conserving our use of raw materials. Colour the shagreen in can be done in any combination of finishes we offer and custom finishes are also accommodated to suit your needs for any project, retail store and custom furniture.

Shagreen Custom Design

You can utilize our catalogue for inspiration for your furniture needs or an upcoming project, we can also custom make furniture and you can see our custom made page here Custom Made Furniture. Our furniture designers can be commissioned to create a unique piece of furniture that fits just the right place in your home or project. The two images in this blog post is a custom made faux shagreen sideboard that was commissioned, which will have a matching dining table later also.

Care of Faux Shagreen

Faux Shagreen is a very robust material with a delicate look it can withstand much use, wear and tear in all high traffic environments. No matter if the furniture is in a residential home or commercial space the look is unique and exclusive while the durability is very strong with simple cleaning care by using soap and water to remove any built-up dirt and grime that will accumulate over the lifetime of the piece. As always simply Contact Us for further information.

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